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E*TRADE Launches New Planning Center That Helps Participants Integrate Their Stock Plan Benefits into an Investment Plan

Sep 21, 2018

New Planning Center offers a holistic view of one’s stock plan assets, combining education with a laser-focus on user experience

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 21, 2018-- E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc. today announced the launch of a Planning Center that helps participants easily factor their stock plan benefits into the context of their overall financial strategy. The new, easy-to-understand digital dashboard offers a number of tools to help participants:

  • Prepare for upcoming events related to their stock plan
  • Understand the potential tax implications on their benefits before taking action
  • Explore different ways to use proceeds to help meet their financial goals, such as buying a home, saving for retirement, or paying for college
  • Consume educational content tailored to the stock plan awards they receive from their company, enabling them to take an investment opportunity and turn it into action

“Too often, stock plan participants see their equity compensation as a bonus to help meet short-term goals, and one that is distinct from their long-term financial wellness,” said Scott Whatley, President of E*TRADE Corporate Services. “With the Planning Center, we aim to help participants learn how their stock plan benefits fit into their larger financial picture and how they can make a meaningful difference in achieving some of life’s biggest financial goals.”

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